Where it all began

Beginning in December 2021 at Enigma Club & Lounge, Sterling and Sean started an era that has yet to be matched.  We collectively wanted to create an experience with music and art that every aspect was meticulously created to stand out from the rest and showcase our friends and aspiring artists like we would want to showcase ourselves.  A model in which profit is not the main motif, but rather, the experience and happiness is the main idea. Let’s fucking go!!!

Team Members

Sterling James

Let’s go. Let’s go. Hey, let’s fucking go. Let’s go. Let’s go fill this with text when Sterling writes a bio. Let’s fucking gooooooo!

Sean Ward

Sean Christopher Ward is an artist, dj, production company director, animator and philanthropist.  Throughout his 12 years in the arts & culture sector, he has helped elevate the careers of thousands of artists and musicians through his creative ventures and desire to work alongside others with absolutely no gatekeeping.  Everyone is offered the same chance to excel and that’s the mantra he has stuck by throughout the years.  Working under multiple major labels and organizations, including Anjuna, Burning Man, Art Basel, Superfine Art Fair, The Other Art Fair and so many others, he has worked alongside the greats and has pulled knowledge throughout his journey to help his peers in kind.  His role in Proxima, is simply to help execute the technical side of the project and utilize his event management skills to make sure the events flow efficiently.

Featured Guest Artists

Lillian Oeding

Artist Bio